Friday, September 29, 2006

Join LCV: Demand New Energy Now! Sign The Petition to Congress

Take Action: Demand New Energy Now! Sign The Petition to Congress: "Escalate the Peace. Demand Better Energy Now!"

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Amnesty International: The America I Believe In

Amnesty International: The America I Believe In: "President Bush and House and Senate leaders made a deal that would redefine rape and sexual abuse to exclude acts currently considered abusive ... Furthermore, the new bill would make prosecution for rape and sexual assault difficult to impossible"

biodiesel from olive oil

News Briefs: "$1.5 million to fund projects that range including the feasibility of producing biodiesel from olive oil"

Can someone please exlain this one to me? Why would you make biodiesel worth less than $1/liter out of oilive oil which seels for over 4 times that? Is there some dirt cheap supply of olive oil I'm unaware of?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The secret terrorist don't want you to know

Crypto-Gram: September 15, 2006: "Another thought experiment: Imagine for a moment that the British government arrested the 23 suspects without fanfare. Imagine that the TSA and its European counterparts didn't engage in pointless airline security measures like banning liquids. And imagine that the press didn't write about it endlessly, and that the politicians didn't use the event to remind us all how scared we should be. If we'd reacted that way, then the terrorists would have truly failed."