Saturday, June 10, 2006

Want to come to my town hall meeting?

Following the lead of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Geoge Bush and I'm sure it's going to be adopted by the rest of the republican party you have just joined my town hall meeting, feel free to leave a supportive comment here on my blog, if you disagree feel free to leave that also I'll just delete it. If you'd like to have an open dialog where dissent is allowed please go have your own town hall meeting, that may be how they did them in the past but that's not how we do them anymore.

You may feel that democracy is not supposed to be neat it's supposed to be messy.

You may think a Town Hall is a structure that is used by the entire community and a Town Hall meeting means everyone is invited to present their views.

Sorry that doesn't generate the kind of press we apparently need because when Arnold or George invite a select group of people to sit down and agree with them the press calls it a "Town Hall Meeting". Apparently it is too difficult to call them an "Arnolds Town Hall Meeting" or a "Georges Town Hall Meeting"

Do you think todays politicians are becoming much to insulated from the people they are supposed to be serving? Well I'll have a town hall meeting about that where we will decide to change the dictionary entry for public service, it'll say "see self service".

Any questions?

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